Get a great deal and ensure you are prepared in the case of a natural disaster with a portable generator that will allow you to keep all of your much needed appliances and electronics up and running! You do not want to be in the aftermath of a monstrous natural disaster and be unprepared. You need so many thing for your emergency kit. I strongly suggest at least three gallons of water per person, and please do not forget about your pets because they rely on you. Also you want to make sure to have flashlights, batteries,candles, for lighting however if you use a portable generator this will not be the issue because you will have your regular house lights. Ensure you have your medications filled and in a water tight container.


 At first you need a aid kit with bandages, gauze, alcohol, peroxide and so forth. One thing most people do not think about is to make sure you have your very important documents in a water tight container of Ziploc bag. You will want non-perishable foods and you will want to plan for a minimum of three days. Also prepare extra food for your pets, theyll appreciate you.


The thing about natural disaster is that they don’t blow in, blow out and everything is back to normal in a couple of days. I personally found this out the hard way by surviving hurricane Ivan. I was without electricity for a full 21 days,  that was an eye opening experience. It taught me so much about how ill prepared I was, and what I was going to do in the event of another hurricane of that magnitude in the future. I have a coat closet that I use to stock my supplies, and I purchased a great inexpensive portable generator. The portable generator is easy on fuel, it is really quiet and supplies electricity for my entire house.


If you think you will never have a need to use a portable generator, think again. Portable generators are so multipurpose you can use them in blackouts, emergencies, camping, recreational vehicle use, construction sites, fairs, carnivals, fund raisers where you may be out in a parking lot without electricity but need energy to operate appliances and electronics.


To get by all you would need is a small portable generator. The great thing about the newer portable generators is that they are very quiet. The quietest portable generators are about the same noise factor as 2 people in close proximity carrying on a conversation. There are so many different types of fuels that they use as well. So it is safe to say you can have your choice of size, fuel type, and watts. An important factor you must keep in mind, if you do not have a storage shed, or garage you must keep the portable generator securely covered to ensure you have a optimum working portable generator in the event of an emergency. Please do not wait until it is too late and you are staring the aftermath if a natural disaster to try to make your purchase because if the disaster is too bad, there is no way to make the delivery. Also keep in mind, the absolute best deal you can possibly get is online so make sure you get your quietest portable generators now.